There’s a new publisher with a terrific idea – fun, simple, affordable ($1.00 or less, some are free) unit studies.  The format is a simple lapbook using only a file folder rather than the usual cut and paste style folders, but we didn’t even make a lapbook and my kids enjoyed it and retained everything they learned.  If lapbooks don’t appeal to you, they’re still useful since (unlike most lapbook units) the unit includes content and even simple worksheets and printables.  They’re geared toward primary age but adaptable for elementary ages, too.  I love how these units are so simple they can be completed in only a day or two.  I’m hoping to see more units coming out soon.  You can view the author’s beautifully finished lapbooks on the Homeschool Bits blog – when you see them you’ll want to do your own!  They can be purchased at CurrClick