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This print and use unit study is a child-directed unit study for intermediate readers that requires no parental prep time. Adaptable for younger grades or beginning readers. Everything you need for a unit study on the Roman Empire is included:

-many pictures to illustrate each topic
-links to online free lessons, PowerPoint presentations, and virtual tours
-prefixes/roots/suffixes, building and deciphering Latin words
-corresponding worksheets following each chapter with answer keys.

Worksheet formats include Q&A, comparison, fill in the blank, true/false, D’Nealian-style handwriting practice, multiple choice, and matching.

Learn about the land of gladiators, chariot racing, arches, soldiers, the Colosseum, emperors, Caesar, and one of the most impressive and exciting empires that the world has ever known. 270 pages* for $4.00.

30 topics including:

  • society
  • homes
  • food
  • roads
  • army
  • emperors
  • architecture
  • art
  • bathhouses
  • entertainment
  • Latin
  • Pompeii
  • government
  • much more!

* To save on paper and toner, it is suggested that you print only the worksheets and charts and read the chapters on the computer, due to the numerous color graphics and size of this unit.

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