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Fascinating virtual field trip to a dairy farm.

Happily Occupied Homebodies

Okay, so you knew cows give milk, but have you ever had a close-up look at how milk is produced on a dairy farm?  Well then, if you have a few minutes, follow me for a field trip to our farm.

Milking Time

We’ll start in the milking parlor, the barn where the action happens.  Three hundred cows are milked here three times every day.  As we come in the front doors, 2013-04-20 078You’ll notice there are milking machines lining the sides of the milking parlor — ten on each side.  The back gate opens, and ten cows file in, each one taking her place at a milking stall.  As each cow comes in, a computer mounted on the milking stall identifies her via her leg band.  The person doing this afternoon’s milking cleans the cows’ udders, then attaches the milkers one at a time.  You’ll hear the swishing sound of milk streaming into the milkers as a pulsating…

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