Alternative Careers For Teachers

Being a teacher is rewarding, but it may not be for everyone. If you love the field of education, but aren?t particularly excited by the thought of being in a traditional classroom, here are a few alternative career paths that you can consider.


  • Edu-Tech Content Developer


Online education is one of the fastest growing sectors in technology. People are looking for online instructional material and there is a huge demand for instructors to create them. As an edu-tech content specialist, you can help develop digital learning material for students to prepare for exams or to help them learn a new skill or subject.


  • Paralegal


Being a paralegal is an excellent option for education majors who also have a strong interest in law. You will be working in a corporate environment and be involved in heavy research and deep work. A good choice to consider for people who like to exercise their intellect and dive deep into researching things.

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  • School Counselor


School counselors typically work in academic settings to help students choose the right career path and be a sounding board for their problems. If you enjoy interacting closely with students and helping them make the most of their academic life and talents, this may be a good career choice for you.

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  • Librarian


This job guides people towards learning. It may also involve working directly with children, thus making it an excellent job for former teachers. Being a librarian may require you to get a master?s degree in library science, but if you love books and want to be in education, this is a great choice.


  • Instructional Coordinator


This career involves overseeing school curriculums. You will be involved in developing material, coordinating teaching, and assessing the effectiveness of programs that are run at schools or colleges.

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  • Training and Development Manager


There are some similarities between a teacher and a training manager, in that both roles focus on giving others the skills they require for success in their professional lives. As a training manager, you will be guided by the specific developmental goals of the organization you work for.


  • Education Policy Researcher


This is an exciting career path for those who possess an analytical bent of mind and have high levels of qualification in the education field. You will be involved with educational reform and can influence how education is imparted in the country.


  • School Principal


As a principal you will be assuming a leadership role and will be responsible for guiding the school. You will work with many stakeholders such as teachers, parents, students, and leaders in the community.

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  • Standardized Test Developer


The standardized test market is growing at a rapid pace. Elementary school students take state-based exams and high school seniors take advanced placement tests. Someone needs to prepare these tests, and this could be an excellent career path.


  • Textbook Sales Representative


Students need some material to learn from, and this is where your experience in teaching comes in. You can help departments in schools and colleges pick the most appropriate learning material.